On 31 March, UniCredit recognises Transgender Day of Visibility, a day to celebrate transgender and non-binary individuals around the world and a moment to amplify voices and value in achieving equality and continued progress for all.

2:00 min

As evidence of our Group’s commitment to support and enhance diversity, we recently introduced a new set of guidelines for:


·       Inclusive Language;

·       Inclusive Recruitment;

·       Gender Transition in the workplace to continue to foster and build its culture of inclusion.


This new Diversity Equity & Inclusion Global Policy and guidelines are part of our UniCredit culture: the guiding principles that are embedded in every aspect of the way we operate – inside and outside the workplace.


According to our new guidelines, UniCredit will therefore nominate, in consultation with the employee, a manager within the reporting line of the employee, to be the main point of contact. The manager will agree on an action plan with the employee to introduce and manage the transition at work, ensuring maximum support for the employee.


When the person in gender transition declares they are ready and, more generally, from the moment in which the communication of the gender change will be made, it is essential to adapt the language to the changed reality of the person so that it is inclusive and supportive. UniCredit empowers its people to stand up for the transgender community and make a difference by using individuals’ preferred terms, pronouns, gender, and names. Its people are encouraged to speak up and hold one another accountable.


Our concrete way to create an environment of equal opportunities for both employees and customers, also includes an innovative awareness project in Italy that ensures the identification of the Bank’s clients in gender transition, guaranteeing the necessary support and service from the operators in our branches.


Today, we light up the spire at our global headquarters in Milan in honor of World Transgender Day of Visibility – standing up for the rights and giving visibility to transgender and non-binary people globally.