UniCredit Bulbank and UniCredit Foundation join forces in support of social causes with a dedicated team of employee mentors to help social enterprises develop their business ideas, growth and sales strategy.

2:00 min

Ten years ago when UniCredit Bulbank and UniCredit Foundation used to support the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law’s Social Entrepreneurship Program, this kind of business was generally unknown to the local market. 

Back then, social enterprises were producing simple items like postcards and small souvenirs in support of their annual Christmas and Easter fundraising campaigns.

Since than  an extraordinary change in the entrepreneurial spirit has occurred in the non-governmental sector! Now, when speaking about social entrepreneurship we consider a wide range of various business professional activities, such as catering services, restaurants, tourism activities, making textile items, candles, etc.

Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit has always been very important to us and UniCredit Bulbank as we believe that an environment which boosts business development and independence can make an unwavering impact on our society. We started by financing trainings for NGOs which are willing to engage in business activities and later on our colleagues started mentoring.

We have gradually become so fond of the idea that we organised a team of mentors who have supported the development of young entrepreneurs’ business skills for two years. Once the business idea was shared with the mentors, our colleagues have been close to the young entrepreneurs for the creatiion of their financial plan, their  organisational structure and  sale strategy. The bankers were happy and committed to sharing their knowledge in order to support the social causes.

Our colleagues and social enterprises joined a dedicated meeting during  a special fair where the NGOs presented their products and showed their business and sales skills, acquired thanks to our mentoring sessions.

Learn more about our mentor’s  motivation  and learn more about how they  got involved with these lovely causes.

Here are the fab six:

  • Ilia Patsev - Regional Investment Products Expert
  • Teodora Nikolova - Remote Sales Manager
  • Gergana Daskalova - Corporate Account Manager
  • Ivan Raichkov - Director of Operations
  • Dilyana Stoyanova - Senior Manager Sponsorships and Events
  • Kristian Prashkov - Senior Manager Digital Channels and Partnerships



About UniCredit Foundation 

UniCredit Foundation is a corporate foundation established in 2003 in order to contribute to the development of solidarity and philanthropy in the communities and regions where it operates, primarily in the geographical areas in which UniCredit is present. Through the transfer of financial resources and management skills typical of the company, UniCredit Foundation supports projects for significant social impact and innovation, by local non-profits.

Discover more about it https://www.unicreditgroup.eu/en/unicreditfoundation.html




Pursues social and humanitarian objectives by operating in the following sectors: care, health, environment, training and education;


Promotes and supports studies aimed at deepening knowledge of economic, financial, legal, political and social disciplines; awards prizes, scholarships and research grants, proposes and supports university initiatives.