Thanks to a social impact loan, we were able to support the Lunattiva project in Mantua with the aim of reducing housing deprivation in the Lunetta district – a multicultural area of the city with a high density of public housing.

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UniCredit SIB recently supported Lunattiva, an ambitious project promoted by the Municipality of Mantua and directed by the consortium, which was set up with the aim of reducing housing hardship, preventing and reducing rent arrears, maintaining the housing and common areas, and more generally building a sense of belonging to the community, primarily through training and work start-up services.


During the period December 2018 - November 2020, Lunattiva has provided new opportunities to 104 beneficiaries of 34 active inclusion pathways for a total of 3,500 hours.


Uncover the story of the project and how UniCredit has been able to make a difference:

The Lunattiva project has been recognised at international level as one of the ten most innovative European projects at the Innovation in Politics Institute Award in the category  of "Community: Empowerment, Civic Engagement, Social Cohesion" after being selected by a jury of over a thousand European citizens. On 20 January 2022, the Lunattiva project will be presented at a conference in front of press and politicians, while in the evening the awards ceremony will be held and the final ranking of the projects announced.


Lunattiva also submitted a new development project, entitled "Lunattiva 2.0 - Officina Sociale Diffusa" as part of the call for proposals launched by Fondazione Cariplo in its "Welfare of Community" initiative – obtaining funding for a trial of further two years (from June 2021 to June 2023).