UniCredit and Filarmonica della Scala continue their partnership with the aim of creating opportunities for people to experience classical music both in and outside concert halls. 


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1982-2022 - 40 years of great success

On 25 January 1982, Claudio Abbado stepped on stage for the first time to conduct the new symphonic orchestra, which today celebrates its 40th  anniversary. The story of this orchestra, democratically self-governed, has always been based on strong local roots and, at the same time, on a European footprint with over 1,600 concerts and more than 600 tours abroad.


Thanks to UniCredit‘s support , Main Partner since 2003, the Filarmonica della Scala is not only at the heart of Milan's cultural life but also spreads its activities internationally, confirming its role as a musical institution that combines tradition and innovation, attention to younger generations and social responsibility, thanks to its wide-range program of initiatives across the city, in Italy and abroad.

Over the last ten years, Filarmonica, with the support of UniCredit, has multiplied its commitment to the promotion, knowledge and enjoyment of music by an increasingly wide audience. This has led to initiatives such as “Prove Aperte per il nonprofit”, for which UniCredit Foundation’s support is key, Sound, Music! for children, Concerto per Milano, up to those planned in the last year and a half to overcome the difficulties generated by the new distancing regulations due to the pandemic.

Read the full programme of concerts and tours abroad

This 40th  season of the Filarmonica will start on Monday, January 24, 2022 at the Teatro alla Scala. On stage, as per tradition, the chief director Riccardo Chailly, for a program of rare beauty that combines the music of Igor' Stravinsky - his Suite for small orchestra and the one from 1945 from L'Oiseau de feu - with one of the pinnacles of Tchaikovsky's symphonism, Fifth in E minor. The music of our time runs through the entire program with a series of new commissions to celebrate the fortieth anniversary, entrusted to contemporary composers such as Giorgio Battistelli, Carlo Boccadoro, Ivan Fedele, among the first to accept, who will open each concert of the season.

The restart of the 2022 activities also includes the renewed presence abroad: with over 600 concerts Filarmonica has been the protagonist of important international tours, from the USA with Riccardo Chailly to Asia with Myung-Whun Chung including the most prestigious halls in Europe.
The tour will land in Alicante (January 25), Madrid (January 26) and Barcelona (January 27) before continuing to Paris where the orchestra is expected to play for two concerts (January 28 and 29) and resume in May in Dresden (May 15), Luxembourg (May 16), Frankfurt (May 17) and Hamburg (May 18).


Music, as well as art and culture, are at the heart of this country, and a fundamental part of Italy's rich history and heritage. UniCredit is committed to championing this, increasing its accessibility to all, as we concretely showed through the launch of our new project to enhance our art collection. It is for this same reason that we continue to proudly support the Filarmonica della Scala orchestra as Main Partner since 2003. We are particularly pleased to be part of the concert in Milan's Piazza Duomo, which has always been an incredible event for the community that is Milan.

Andrea Orcel, CEO of UniCredit

 The 9th edition of the Concert for Milan by the Filarmonica della Scala

On Sunday 12 September, Filarmonica della Scala and Riccardo Chailly returned to Piazza Duomo for a free concert in the heart of the city.
During the event, a tribute was paid to Italy through masterpieces by great composers who were inspired by the tradition of our country: the concert opened with the famous Italian Symphony No. 4 in A major op. 90 by Mendelssohn and continued with notes from the Italian Capriccio by Tchaikovsky with an ending with the notes of Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet ballet..
Maurizio Beretta, President of the Filarmonica della Scala, commented: "Over the years, the Concert for Milan has held a symbolic value for the entire community bearing witness to the city's bond with its orchestra. The large number of participants and the level of the artistic offering make it an eagerly awaited event that brings music closer to an ever-wider audience, demonstrating Filarmonica della Scala's continued cultural commitment with its constant activity in Italy and abroad".

Filarmonica della Scala: "One of the 10 most important orchestras in the world"

Darkness in the theatre, silence. Director Riccardo Chailly starts the upbeat with his baton and the orchestra begins to play. This is the thrill of listening to the Filarmonica della Scala. It is an experience meant not only for those who are passionate about classical music, but also for those who are curious to approach this kind of art and culture.

When we play in Piazza Duomo we are like rock stars, there is a different energy, a higher intensity. The aim of an artist is to reach people, to touch people. In Piazza Duomo you really do that.

Daniele Morandini - Primo Trombone Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala

One of the objectives of the Filarmonica is to "serve the public". In addition to scholarships (to date 30 have been awarded to young musicians), the Open Filarmonica programme promotes initiatives within the city of Milan. These include rehearsals open to the public with proceeds going to charity and the "Sound, Music!" educational project for primary school students. .