UniCredit highlights its commitment to gender equality and diversity, equity and inclusion at the G20 Women’s Forum.

2:30 min

At the Women’s Forum G20 Italy, held in Milan from 17-19 October, we presented our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion story and highlighted our digital ambition.


The forum, addressing women’s views and voices on major economic and social issues, invited institutional figureheads, top managers from international companies and opinion leaders to discuss best practices to create a workplace leveraging talent, gender balance and diversity

At the opening ceremony, Andrea Orcel, alongside other CEOs from major Italian and international companies, signed the CEO Champion Commitment “Towards the Zero Gender Gap” ensuring the topic is firmly considered on the corporate agenda with concrete objectives and a framework to move towards greater gender equality, and diversity and inclusion in Italy.

Andrea Orcel commented:


“We have the responsibility to contribute to a more equal and inclusive society with concrete actions both, inside our bank and outside. We take this commitment seriously and continuously work towards a more diverse workforce as well as playing our role in relevant industry initiatives and partnerships to foster joint progress”.

Jingle Pang, Group Digital & Information Officer, attended the event as a special guest speaker at the “Designing the jobs of the future: Champions in retaining talents for creativity, innovation and competitiveness” panel.

During the event, she explained how technology plays a crucial role within organisations, bringing together diverse populations as a means for growth and sustainability.


Digital isn’t just about the tools we use, although technology certainly improves the way people work in a company. It is about creating a collective change of mindset, based on collaboration across business areas, empowerment of people to be accountable and to do their job in a trusting environment.

Banks are complex machines and technology is powerful in bringing more value and simplifying our processes.  It empowers our diverse populations to excel, offering tools to increase accessibility and collaboration. We need to shift our way of working to a “think out of the box” approach to trigger enterprise agility, to be fast and nimble and capture a competitive advantage in ever-changing markets.

We are moving from “using digital” to “living digital”, which means reducing the distance we have with our customers and ensuring that we are there for them at every digital touch point. This doesn’t mean just being available via our banking App, but making our service offer available to our customers whenever they are on-line”, commented Jingle Pang during the event.

Together, we will achieve our aspirational diversity, equity, and inclusion targets by empowering our people.