UniCredit Bank in Romania has partnered in a major project on Social Impact Banking in the Jiu Valley mining zone, supporting the professional retraining of hundreds of miners and former miners in areas such as wind energy and electricity distribution.

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UniCredit Bank in Romania joined the financing of one of the largest professional retraining programs for miners and former miners in the Jiu Valley and adjacent areas in order to turn them into professionals of wind energy and electricity distribution.


The RenewAcad project - Academy of Counseling and Vocational Training for Renewable Energy Sources, co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Human Capital Operational Program 2014-2020, is carried out by WIND POWER ENERGY SRL with the aim to "increase participation in continuing education programs for 700 employees from less developed regions, especially those with low qualifications and people over the age of 40, respectively from disadvantaged rural areas.”


The project is also associated to the already active RESS Center in Constanţa which will be "cloned" in the Jiu Valley and which has so far trained about 5,000 people to international standards.

These projects now ensure not only the maintenance of the 3000 MW wind power installations in Romania, but also abroad, developing a new concept and term - wind navigators. Over 95% of renewable energy specialists - mainly in wind energy - in Romania work on a project basis abroad and return monthly to Romania, generating income well above the average of the areas they come from.


The UniCredit Bank team was involved in the successful completion of all the necessary steps and actions to implement this project.

We asked one of our colleagues involved, Filiz Vergu, about the experience of working on this difficult and extremely ambitious project. "From 100 metres underground to 100 metres in the air!", Filiz told us, summarising both the team's contribution and the positive implications for all those who will benefit from this program.