More than 55% of UniCredit Bank Austria clients are Digital Active Users, and the Bank is evolving to continue to meet their needs. Through multi-banking services, people can see all their financial payment accounts in a single place. UniCredit Bank Austria was the first bank in Austria to roll out its free multi-banking feature in 24You Internet Banking and in the top-rated Bank Austria MobileBanking App. This feature helps 800,000 clients access their other bank payment accounts directly from their UCBA account, while making sure they keep their financial data totally safe. 


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Banking services are evolving every day. With the new, free multi-banking feature, all customers of UniCredit Bank Austria can have their 3rd party payment accounts displayed and integrated in their Bank Austria Internet banking 24You and their top-rated Bank Austria MobileBanking App. Customers can not only view their account balances, but also make payments with SEPA transfers. All financial information is thus available with just a few clicks, and is completely safe and protected.


A lot of people are talking about Open Banking, and we have now successfully launched the first application under the EU’s new Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) guidelines as a pioneer in Austria," says Robert Zadrazil, CEO of UniCredit Bank Austria. "Our goal as Austria's leading multi-channel bank is to make our essential services available to every customer, regardless of time, place or how they use them.  We are now taking this one step further and enabling our customers to also view and manage payment transaction accounts at other banks in our Internet banking 24You and our top-rated MobileBanking." 


The first PSD2-compliant multi-banking via secure API interfaces

Starting from September 2019, the EU’s PSD2 directive took effect for account-based payment service providers or banks. The new rules are designed to create a level playing field for innovative financial services, while making payments more secure and protecting the safety of people’s financial data in an “open banking” system.  Under PSD2, banks must offer third-party providers their own dedicated interface, so-called APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces. A bank’s API is the software tool that manages the interaction between a customer’s bank account and a third-party service provider. UniCredit Bank Austria is currently the first and only bank in Austria that enables the management of third-party accounts via secure API interfaces in its internet and mobile banking. "With this development, we are ushering in a new chapter in digital banking and are currently the first real banking platform within the framework of the new PSD2 guidelines in Austria," says Robert Zadrazil.


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