23 March 2021

Bank Austria's new financial education programme for high school students aged 14 and over

2:00 Min

Financial education and the transfer of financial know-how are important pillars of our "Social Impact Banking" initiative. At many schools, financial knowledge and entrepreneurial know-how are not yet taught comprehensively in the classroom. With MoneyMatters, Bank Austria offers pupils modern, interactive learning about the basics of money and economics.


In autumn 2020, we launched MoneyMatters in a pilot region, reaching around 200 pupils. The pilot programme has been evaluated together with the participating schools and the next step is to implement it throughout Austria in the next school year.


Susanne Wendler, Member of the Management Board of UniCredit Bank Austria, Unternehmerbank: “In the programme, we address highly relevant social topics such as indebtedness and how to provide financially for the future. We also train students on the right way to handle money."

MoneyMatters includes introductory workshops at the schools, and an online platform of 12 modules which students work through independently. The content was developed with partners and offers an exciting mix of videos, quizzes, animated diagrams and cloze tests.