05 March 2021

The Best Socially Responsible campaign in Central and Eastern Europe. 

2:00 Min

Living in the shadow of the pandemic, COVID-19 has changed our reality, lifestyles and habits, but we have not forgotten the suffering caused by other diseases. In September 2020, UniCredit Bank Mostar, Visa, and Think Pink Association under the banner of "Together we are one" launched "My Circle of Support". The campaign, aimed at strengthening women’s health and the fight against breast cancer, has been awarded The Best Socially Responsible campaign in Central and Eastern Europe.


Thanks to extensive support from our partners, clients and employees, more than 61,000 BAM (31,000 EUR) was raised. Furthermore, free mammography was offered to all female citizens across Bosnia and Herzegovina with COVID-secure measures in place. Providing equal access to cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care is crucial to saving many lives. The initiative resulted in 6 patients being diagnosed with cancer, and more than 60 women had tissue changes that needed further examination.

Amina Mahmutovic, CEO of UniCredit Bank Mostar

“Visa's recognition is yet further proof of our continued support to the community. We are pleased that Visa recognised the importance of this campaign, also considering the increasing number of cancer patients and that cancer is not only a health problem, but also has a significant impact on wider social and economic development. With joint forces we have raised awareness of malignant diseases, reducing fear, increasing understanding, counteracting unsubstantiated facts, and changing behaviour and attitudes to increase preventive care

We have been and will remain part of this beautiful story which celebrates life, and we will continue to be part of the solution and do well for all our clients and society as a whole.