UniCredit continues to responsibly and concretely create a positive working environment where to achieve excellence independently from sexual orientation, gender, age, race, nationality, disability and religions.

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Diversity alone is not enough. Inclusion is about leveraging our differences and using them to solve problems better, become more innovative and perform more effectively. Creating an inclusive culture unlocks performance, making sure all voices are heard and companies optimise the "diversity of thoughts".

All this is why UniCredit believes in inclusion as a strategic business driver and is committed to creating an inclusive environment for our diversified workforce, where everyone with the capability to excel can do so.

Our path to pride

UniCredit’s diversity and inclusion journey started more than a decade ago with the Joint Declaration on Equal Opportunities and Non-Discrimination (2009).

We know that we still have a long road ahead and we continue to take decisive actions to constantly improve our Group-wide progress on this topic.



2012 - UniCredit introduced a Policy on the Bank's commitment to Human Rights, followed by the Group Global Gender Equality policy introduced in 2013 

2017 - We signed a Joint Declaration on Work-Life Balance 

2018  UniCredit committed to HM Treasury's Women in Finance Charter 

2018 - UniCredit joined "Parks - Liberi e Uguali" in Italy , an NGO on Global Inclusion 

2018 - We confirmed our Group level participation to Free & Equal to support the United Nations Standards of Conduct for Business for tackling discrimination against LGBTI people 

2019 - UniCredit signed a Global Framework Agreement with UNI Global Union on Human Rights and Fundamental Labour Rights, which includes specific  commitments to combatting discrimination and promoting diversity 

2019 - We have introduced two global policies against harassment, sexual misconduct, bullying and acts of retaliation in 2019 

2020 - 2021 UniCredit was included in Bloomberg's Gender-Equality Index, a step towards empowering female representation in executive roles

Diversity and Inclusion Matter

Talent attraction is higher to the companies which value diversity. Combining culturally diverse backgrounds can increase creativity in product development, and therefore, a company's capacity to meet consumer needs.

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