UniCredit’s financial and entrepreneurial education program offered by UniCredit SIB to high school students, now at its fourth edition, has achieved record levels of participation as well as an increase in student and teacher satisfaction.

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Number of schools participating in the program, up by 43%, number of high school students involved, up by 206%, number of classes taking part, up by 194%.


Such are the record results of the latest edition of Startup Your Life, the financial and entrepreneurial education program run by UniCredit Social Impact Banking (SIB), which is also part of the “Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation” scheme, recognised by Italy’s Ministry of Education.


In its fourth edition, the program introduced several new features:

  • A new segment was added to the training offer on environmental sustainability and climate change thanks to a partnership with Connect4Climate - The World Bank Group.
  • Participants’ user experience was enhanced by further reworking content, including the sections focused on study and work.
  • The program also featured a new work project aimed at increasing specific support to the study and work oriented part of the training.


In addition, given the long periods of distance learning, training was organised for the volunteer teachers involved to support them in managing virtual classrooms. This helped ensure the program’s continuity and allowed teachers to meet their students.


The latest edition also saw great results in terms of student satisfaction. According to a survey carried out during the year, both student and teacher satisfaction for all training courses grew, respectively 64% and 75%. Compared to the previous edition, this represents a significant increase of +7% for students and +11% for teachers.

Laura Penna, Head of Group Social Impact Banking:

"The aim of SIB was to remain part of the solution also this year, ensuring continuity in the Startup Your Life program, which, as results show, was able to achieve significant progress. This project allows us to support the economic and financial skills of the youngest members of our society, promoting their active citizenship and economic inclusion. My sincere thanks go to all the students and teachers for their participation and enthusiasm. Above all, I would also like to personally thank all the colleagues and volunteer educators of the UniGens Association engaged in tutoring, without whom we would not have been able to achieve such strong results.”