Daniele Tonella, UniCredit Group Chief Digital and Information Officer ad interim and CEO of UniCredit Services, spoke at a recent Bloomberg roundtable on how financial companies can prepare their cyber resilience plans, building their data architecture and their response strategies accordingly.

2:00 min

A Bloomberg industry roundtable held on 22 July explored how financial services firms approach cyber security in the context of their ongoing digital transformation plans. The event saw speakers from key financial institutions and payment companies, such as BNP Paribas, PayPal and Mastercard, alongside UniCredit. The topics explored covered cyber resilience planning, how companies build their data architecture and design their response strategies to face the increase of cyber-attack threats.

Daniele Tonella, our Chief Digital and Information Officer ad interim and CEO of UniCredit Services, explained UniCredit’s strong focus on securing its digital transformation in light of the changing technological ecosystem for the bank and its customers. Daniele also highlighted the importance of data safety and that ensuring security in the digital transformation requires not just the relevant infrastructure, but a profound cultural shift to secure the first line of defence for the organisation across its workforce.


“The moment you expand your tech perimeter, you transform and potentially increase the number of cyber threats you may face,” Daniele said. “Digital transformation inevitably increases a company’s exposure to external attacks, making operational resilience key to data security and business continuity”.

On the topic of cloud, Daniele emphasised the importance of the scaling process versus the initial rollout, which may take years depending on the “size of the jump”. He further raised the issue of ensuring protection of the company’s own IT tools and instruments, as their crucial role in any response and in any business continuity management scenario makes them particularly sensitive to supply chain attacks.


Please see here to view the full event: Cybersecurity for Financial Services: Readiness, Response and Remediation - YouTube