FinCulture, UniCredit Bulbank’s long-term initiative to boost financial culture, and part of Social Impact Banking, recently received first prize in the Sustainable Development Campaign category at the Annual national competition of the Bulgarian Association of Public Relations.

2:00 min

FinCulture took the top spot for its long-term commitment to foster financial knowledge in Bulgaria, and for the timely financial education provided during the pandemic, as well for its innovative communication platforms such as Netflix-inspired mini-series and a free e-book. The initiative is based on the idea that the more people who know about managing their personal finances, the more confident, entrepreneurial, satisfied and ultimately better off they will be. As the FinCulture tagline goes: Physical Culture is for good health, FinCulture is for healthy finances.


The project was run entirely by expert volunteers from the Bank during 2020 and 2021. They wrote a series of articles during the pandemic in 2020 to improve the new financial knowledge needed to tackle the key challenges of the pandemic.

The main focus of the simple and easy to understand articles was how to manage personal budgets, deal with savings and investments and protect oneself from the increase in cybercrimes. The three mini-series - FinCulture: Mobile, FinCulture: Investments and FinCulture: Cybersecurity - were read on-line almost 200,000 times, about 9500 times per piece on average. The series of articles were then edited in the acclaimed e-book Guidelines for Healthy Finances: The Secrets of Financial Wellbeing, and downloaded more than 20,000 times. The Bank also published the e-book as a gift on their institutional website for everyone wishing to develop their financial knowledge.


UniCredit Bulbank colleagues and friends shared the link to the book, which was boosted by the Bank’s commitment to donate BGN 1 to an educational cause for every visit to the e-book, to a maximum of 10,000 clicks. The selected NGO partner to receive the donation was the Together in class foundation, whose mission is to provide incisive and quality education to each child, regardless of their background or where they live.


The campaign surpassed all expectations and fresh new activities are in the pipeline for 2021.

Trayan Trayanov, CEO of Together in class and Teodora Petkova, Head of Eastern Europe at UniCredit