21 January 2021

UniCredit has commissioned six works to be produced by artists involved in the Nuovo Forno del Pane project.

2:00 Min

The Nuovo Forno del Pane initiative to support the relaunch of art and culture continues. First launched in July 2020 in collaboration with MAMbo (Museum of Modern Art in Bologna), the Municipality of Bologna, and the Bologna Museums Institution, the project aims to provide artists with space and materials to create their work, and will continue until the end of February 2021.

In addition to supporting the initiative as its main sponsor, UniCredit has commissioned six works from six artists involved in the wider project. The artworks will be acquired by the bank’s Art4Future project, aimed at supporting young and emerging artists in the bank’s different communities.

The artists who will produce the six works were selected by the Nuovo Forno del Pane Commissions Committee, and will each receive €10,000 from UniCredit to support their production.

The selected artists are:

Ruth Beraha                “A me gli occhi”
Giuseppe De Mattia    “Never change a winning horse”
Bekhbaatar Enkhtur    “Hare”
Rachele Maistrello      “HIDDEN BLUE. The Kētŏs Archive”
Vincenzo Simone         Untitled
Filippo Tappi                “*”

The Commission has also awarded Mattia Pajè a special prize of €2,000 in recognition of his talent.

The final works will be presented in June 2021.

To find out more about the project.