18 January 2021

As we enter the new year, we remind you of the key guidelines that must always be followed to ensure health and safety for all of us

2:00 min
Hopefully all of you had some rest over the festive season and are now ready to take on new challenges. We wish you all a good start to the year and a warm welcome back to work.

A year has passed since life as we knew it began to change due to the pandemic. We have learnt a lot since then and thanks to our resilience, tireless efforts and flexibility to tackle any situation that comes our way, we have managed to stay united as a teamand close to our customers whilst maintaining the highest health and safety standards.

Our people’s health remains our top priority, therefore it is extremely important that we strictly stick to the already communicated H&S rules and measures, which will last at least until the end of March 2021 in line with our prudent approach based on data.

Let us remind you that you must continue to comply with the key guidelines summarised below:
  • Consider remote working as the preferred option
  • Always register remote working days via 'People Focus' at least one month in advance: this mandatory process is essential to guarantee the proper management of occupancy levels
  • Always book your planned entrance and exit times, as well as when you wish to go to the canteen via 'People Focus' and respect the allocated time slot. We’ll perform daily monitoring to ensure our people’s compliance to these guidelines
  • Follow our health and safety Golden Rules both when you work from one of our buildings and when you work remotely. Always wear a face mask in our premises (please note that the masks to be used are either the ones distributed by the company or the washable/disposable surgical type. Masks with valve filter and/or carbon filter are not allowed unless otherwise agreed by the Company’s doctor), wash your hands often, keep the safety distance and avoid gatherings, using instead videoconferencing tools for business meetings. Also, always check our latest news for Group and local updates.
As always, your managers are here to support you and will keep supervising compliance with these guidelines. Should you have any specific needs or additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to them.

Together we stay strong, safe and we will continue to… Do the Right Thing!