19 January 2021

HVB has joined Bundesinitiative Impact Investing to help tackle social challenges in Germany

2:00 Min

In early January, HypoVereinsbank became a member of the Bundesinitiative Impact Investing (Federal Initiative Impact Investing). Thanks to increased transparency and improved cooperation between stakeholders in the impact investing market in Germany, additional capital will help tackle social challenges.


Impact investing is a billion-dollar market with great growth potential in which HypoVereinsbank will continue to play an active role alongside the federal initiative. With its membership, the bank aims to increase development of the German market for sustainable investments create a positive, measurable social and/or environmental impact. The aim is to mobilise the financial resources needed to tackle social challenges such as climate change.


Dr. Michael Diederich, Spokesman of the Management Board of HypoVereinsbank, said: “We want to be an instigator and promoter of change processes that improve our society. Together with the federal initiative we will help develop the current impact-oriented investing market, which is still young, even further .We look forward to contributing to the cooperation by sharing our longstanding experience and know-how of sustainable financial products and Social Impact Banking.”


With Social Impact Banking, HypoVereinsbank is committed to the promotion of a fair and inclusive society in Germany. The aim is to identify, finance and promote companies and organisations that have a positive social impact, including supporting disadvantaged people and those at risk of financial and social exclusion. Furthermore, HypoVereinsbank is one of the market leaders in sustainable financing and was already involved in 2007, for example, when the first ever green bond was issued by the European Investment Bank. Last year, as part of UniCredit, HypoVereinsbank also acted as underwriter for the Federal Republic of Germany’s first green bond with a volume of €6.5 billion, and the first social bond from the EU’s SURE short-time work program.


“Impact investing has also reached a new stage of development in Germany. It is now a broad movement that is successful across investor groups, asset classes and issue areas. We very much welcome the fact that such a strong player as HypoVereinsbank is supporting the development of the impact investing market in Germany”, said Dr. Frank Niederländer, First Chairman of Bundesinitiative Impact Investing.