15 January 2021

UniCredit Bank Austria has partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities to help build a new children’s house in Salzburg

2:00 Min

As part of UniCredit’s Social Impact Banking programme, UniCredit Bank Austria is collaborating with Ronald McDonald House Charities to build a new ‘children’s house’ in Salzburg. The house will contain a total of 15 flats, which will be made available to over 300 families each year from 2021 onwards.

The non-profit Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe builds and operates Ronald McDonald Houses all over Austria, where families can stay close to their child while they are being treated in hospital. There are currently five Ronald McDonald houses in Austria, providing around 1,100 families a year with a temporary home in close proximity to specialist clinics. This proximity helps support the children’s healing process, helping to maintain strength and confidence within the family.

Robert Zadrazil, CEO UniCredit Bank Austria, said: “I am pleased that we are able to provide financing for a new house for Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe in Salzburg through our Social Impact Banking initiative. This important programme continues to provide targeted support to social enterprises, implementing projects that provide the impetus for positive change in our society.”