27 January 2021

UniCredit Bank celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in Slovakia as a key player in the Slovak banking sector and a significant driver for the economy.

2:00 Min

2021 marks 30 years since UniCredit Bank commenced operations in Slovakia. Its predecessor, the Slovak Agricultural Bank, was established at on 26 June 1990. Four years later, the bank was renamed Poľnobanka; and in 2000, UniCredito Italiano became majority shareholder. Two years later, Poľnobanka was rebranded as UniBanka, which also meant transforming a bank focused on the agricultural sector into a financial institution.


In 2007, UniBanka and HVB Bank Slovakia merged, resulting in a much larger universal bank with a new name UniCredit Bank Slovakia, which then merged with UniCredit Czech Republic to become UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a banking institution that operates in both Slovak and Czech markets as the largest bank in terms of capital and volume of assets.


The bank represents one of the leaders in Slovak corporate banking, having taken part in major local and international transactions and international business financing, while maintaining its strong position in agribusiness. The bank has always maintained a strong position in both private and retail banking segments, as recognised by numerous local and international awards.

“UniCredit Bank represents one of key drivers of the Slovak economy, supporting local clients and communities and driving innovation. As part of a leading pan-European banking group, we are able to face challenges and support our clients’ business with the best services in Slovak and Czech markets generating added value for the country, our clients, employees and shareholders.”


- Jakub Dusílek, CEO, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia

“Digitalisation and client satisfaction remain one of our key strategic pillars. We have significantly invested in innovative banking solutions and development of financial services as an answer to the fast-changing needs of our clients.. We have provided our clients with easy-to-deal-with mobile and internet banking, online sales of banking products, simplified processes in retail, corporate and investment banking, and we will continue to invest in digitalisation.”


- Marco Iannaccone, General Manager, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia