22 February 2021

UniCredit Bank Austria confirmed its commitment to inclusion and accessibility by remotely hosting the 2021 Zero Project Conference.

2:00 Min

In mid-February, UniCredit Bank Austria hosted the annual Zero Project Conference, the world’s largest specialist conference on inclusion and accessibility.


This year, the conference saw almost 5,000 participants from 184 countries.


UniCredit has a long tradition of supporting inclusion and is a sector leader in Austria, providing barrier-free branches, self-service devices, advisory in sign language and accessible online services to its customers. UniCredit Bank Austria is also a member of the Valuable 500 global movement which places issues around disability on the business leadership agenda in addition to UniCredit’s membership at Group level.


UniCredit Bank Austria speakers at the event included CEO Robert Zadrazil, Head of Human Capital Georgiana Lazar and Disability Manager Christian Schinko, who all underlined the importance of long-term commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

Robert Zadrazil, CEO

“Our long-term investments in inclusion have made us more resilient to events like the Corona virus crisis. The more diverse an organisation is, the easier and quicker it can adapt to change and to evolving circumstances, as well as to changing customer needs.”

Georgiana Lazar, Head of Human Capital

“At UniCredit Bank Austria, talent and potential are not about people with or without disabilities. We have to create the right work environment for both.”

Christian Schinko, Disability Manager

“At UniCredit Bank Austria, we see our commitment to inclusion and accessibility as an investment for the future. We do not focus on donations or grants, but on loan financing of relevant adjustments to accessibility, which subsequently enable people with disabilities to participate in everyday working life more easily.”

UniCredit Bank Austria’s commitments are part of the Group’s wider efforts and continued work on disability management. UniCredit has joined the #PurpleLightUp campaign on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (3 December) at Group level for two years, lighting the spire of its headquarters in Milan purple to promote inclusion and equal opportunities. Last year, the UniCredit logo was also changed to purple as a further demonstration of our strong commitment to disability inclusion across all our markets.