17 February 2021

UniCredit reiterates its commitment to health and safety and extends preventive measures until early May.

2:00 min

At UniCredit, our people’s health and safety are our top priorities and we take decisions based on data, not dates. As the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve and vaccination campaigns start across our countries, we have decided to keep following a prudent approach to ensure that our people are always protected.


Therefore, we will extend the current ways of working in all our countries until 2nd May. Such course of action will help us carefully monitor pandemic trends in the upcoming months. Furthermore, we expect national vaccination rates to increase by then, with positive effects on immunisation coverage.


Covid-19 situation permitting, from 3rd May, in Italy we will plan to gradually go back to the office, although at limited capacity to ensure the safety of our employees: remote working will still be encouraged as a proper way of working in combination with onsite working, and we will organise rotating shifts for all colleagues to limit presences in our premises.


Within the first half of April, we will confirm May as the month to increase building capacity and will give you further operational details about scheduled rotations. In the meantime, to guarantee the proper management of occupancy levels, we remind you that it is mandatory to always register your remote working days via People Focus and always book your planned entrance and exit times, respecting the allocated time slot.


In all the other countries (i.e., Austria, Germany, and CEE), our contingent return to the office will depend, as usual, on local risk levels. As we have done in the past, we will opt for the strictest safety standards, in compliance with the requirements of the local authorities and taking into consideration each country’s specific situation. Also, in this case, more information will be provided in the near future.


Thank you again for your extraordinary efforts in these unprecedented times.


Each of us has a key role to play in protecting our people’s health, and together we will continue to Do the right thing!