19 February 2021

Thanks to its established expertise in green and sustainable finance, UniCredit is fully committed to supporting companies in their transition to more sustainable business.

2:00 Min

Sustainability has become key in decision making, with investors, companies, sovereigns, supranationals and agencies around the world increasingly striving for sustainable growth, and subsequently specialist advisory. This trend is further accelerated by changes in investor behaviour and demands on one side, and by ESG relevant regulation from public authorities at the national and supra-national level on the other.


UniCredit is taking a holistic approach with its ESG offer to clients.


ESG is part of UniCredit’s DNA and is integrated across the bank from risk management and lending to retail and corporate clients, as well as short and long-term incentive programmes.


According to UniCredit Research, Green, Social, and Sustainability bonds issued in the first 11 months of 2020 amounted to US$ 403 bn, versus USD 295 bn in the same period last year, an increase already of 37%. This market growth for 2020 comes on the back of a six and a half-fold increase in social bond issuance, from USD 20 bn in 2019 to USD 132 bn in 2020. The vast majority of those social bonds have been related to COVID-19 relief measures as clear evidence that the measures to fight the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic are supporting the growth of ESG relevant bond issuance.