10 February 2021

UniCredit Bank Romania launches initiatives to support youngsters in partnership with Zi de Bine Association.

2:00 Min

Emotional health, safe spaces, and difficult feelings are hard topics for grown-ups, let alone youngsters. UniCredit Bank Romania joined the Zi de Bine Association’s mission to find solutions to explain these topics to youngsters, so they become emotionally healthy people, able to cope with life's challenges.


January: adolescenti.deprehub.ro

Last month, UniCredit Bank Romania and the Zi de Bine Association joined forces to launch the first online emotional health and emotional first aid platform for teens in Romania, with various helpful tools such as TeenLine, where young people can receive support and find answers to their most pressing questions.


February: Loc de Bine (The Safe Place)

This month, thanks to some additional support from the Romanian Public Ministry, UniCredit Bank Romania and the Zi de Bine Association are designing three rooms dedicated to listening to children. Loc de Bine will be a comfortable space, where the child can feel encouraged to talk about experiences they have been through, avoiding the risk of feeling re-traumatized.


Zi de Bine Association supports a different social cause every month, creating buzz around topics which are often overlooked and witnesses highly emotional stories which have negative impacts and that must come to light and reach the public.

Anca Ungureanu, Identity and Communication Director, UniCredit Bank Romania

“The health and wellbeing of our communities is a key priority for UniCredit Bank. We have joined Zi de Bine Association as strategic partner because we believe we can make a difference in preparing today's youngsters to face difficult situations.”

Melania Medeleanu, co-founder, Zi de Bine Association

“An adult’s development starts from childhood. Through these two initiatives, we want to ease the stress youngsters feel in dramatic situations and to offer comfort to those who are overwhelmed and in need to unload their difficult emotions.”