16 February 2021

UniCredit and World Vision Romania partner to support children in need and help them to realise their potential.

2:00 Min

UniCredit Bank Romania has partnered with World Vision Romania, a non-profit organisation that helps vulnerable children overcome poverty in different countries, for a project called ‘Digital education - for the next generation.’


The project will unlock the potential of 20 eleventh-grade kids from disadvantaged backgrounds across rural Romania who are passionate about economics, computer programming, music and athletics.


It will provide scholarships, computers, access to online learning platforms, special training, and mentoring sessions. We will also help them develop their self-confidence and make them understand that they are the drivers of their future.


These children are often as ambitious as more well-off peers but can have limited access to the digital universe. For the 20 gifted children, the access to learning resources can unlock great potential.

Anca Ungureanu, Identity and Communication Director, UniCredit Bank Romania

“We prioritise digitalisation because we can use its power to help young people with great potential but limited resources, to successfully achieve better living conditions through education. We will help these children focus on their educational outcomes.”

Mihaela Nabăr, CEO World Vision Romania

“For many years World Vision Romania has been supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds to go to school so that they have access to quality education.”