25 February 2021

UniCredit launches a contest to boost Sicilian excellence.

2:00 Min

Today, UniCredit launches a new competition called "Your company, your territory" to boost local excellence and enhance Sicilian companies’ relationship with their territory. The project is part of the bank’s commitment to be part of the solution, support companies during challenging times and promote the Made in Italy brand beyond the national borders.


To join the project companies are invited to post a picture representing their link with one of Italy’s most beautiful islands, Sicily, on the digital platform www.food4excellence.it.

Salvatore Malandrino, Regional Manager, Sicily

"UniCredit is committed to helping Sicilian companies to grow and become more competitive by offering tools and support they need to succeed. Sicilian agri-food businesses are a strategic target of this mission and we are convinced that developing and enhancing digital sales channels will be key."

Since its launch last August, the food4excellence platform has generated significant interest from visitors, especially from companies that have recognised it as a tool for developing their business.


To date, 230 Sicilian agri-food companies are registered on the platform. The website has recorded 68,000 unique users and more than 190,000 page views, with 90% of  traffic coming from mobile users. In 2020, more than 236,000 applications were received for two previous competitions "Present your company" and "Your Product Ambassador".