Our colleagues at UniCredit Bank Mostar have been involved in a series of activities to encourage good habits and raise awareness of the importance of preserving our environment leveraging on a dedicated eco-awareness campaign.

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At UniCredit, we continuously strive to be a driver of social change and contribute to the preservation of the environment. Water is a source of life and without it, life would not exist. Rivers are one of nature’s most valuable gifts, and through Bosnia and Herzegovina run many rivers that need our protection.


For some years now, UniCredit Bank Mostar has supported local diving clubs, which work tirelessly to clean up rivers and lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This year, our colleagues joined in to help collect waste on the banks of rivers, kicking off with an eco-awareness campaign called ‘What if we turn our rivers upside down?’ in cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Given the amount of waste collected, UniCredit Bank Mostar decided to launch a further series of activities to encourage good habits and raise awareness of the importance of preserving our environment.


They displayed posters around the city, showing plastic waste bursting out of the river to encourage citizens to think about their use of plastic packaging and how they dispose of it. The campaign received positive reactions from the public, spreading through social networks, with clients offering words of praise and support.


As part of this, they also launched a contest for the most innovative hashtag, in cooperation with a company promoting healthy habits and biking. The winner will receive an electric bicycle.


Our colleagues backed up their commitment to cleaning up the rivers through promotional materials in the spirit of natural materials and recycling. In collaboration with artist Alisa Teletović, they designed a calendar for 2022, showing beautiful paintings of rivers to act as a reminder each day to be more responsible towards our environment.


Although UniCredit Bank Mostar is actively working on raising awareness of environmental issues, we believe that changing the behaviour of everyone is a basic prerequisite for the prosperity of our planet. By sorting waste in our head offices, we want to set an example and contribute to reducing the total amount of mixed municipal waste in landfills, whilst also encouraging recycling and sustainable development.


UniCredit Bank Mostar’s actions are a good example, but also a call to action for everybody to protect our nature and rivers. A healthy and clean environment means a healthy and clean future for all of us.