20 April 2021

As you may know, today marks the beginning of Earth Day 2021, which means 3 days packed with green initiatives across the globe. Whether you are a veteran activist or beginner advocate, here are three ways to take action today to be great stewards of our planet.

2:00 min

Take individual action

Our small sustainable habits carry a significant impact on the Earth's survivability a single person who switches over from a meat-based diet to a plant-based diet for one month could save arguably 125,000 litres of water, 83 square metres of forest, and divert 544 kilograms of grain from farms to starving communities worldwide. If a month feels like a big commitment, feel free to start small with Meatless Mondays and gradually build momentum.

Take family action

Educating our children on how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle encourages accountability to sustain a healthier planet. Guide your kids through the ABCs of being green - learning everything from "A" for animal testing to "Z" for zero impact. You can also start by volunteering time or resources as a family to the Earth Day opportunities or commit to a Simple Act of Green on behalf of the household. Small commitments, such as bringing along reusable grocery bags or opting for greener transport methods, imparts lifelong habits to our future generation.

Take community action

Protecting mother earth requires teamwork, and joining others who are knowledgeable, passionate, and share your common goal enlarges the positive impact. To take community action, we first need to be part of it. Activities such as supporting the local farmer's market, joining nearby environmental groups, and reaching out to our neighbours to share ideas about sustainable living helps transform the social networks around you. To initiate these conversations, here is an introvert's guide to environmental activism.