22 April 2021

UniCredit is the Main Sponsor of Italy's longest plogging event: 416 kilometres of running while collecting abandoned rubbish


2:00 Min

During the same week in which we celebrate Earth Day and for the third year running, UniCredit supports the Keep Clean & Run for peace 2021 event, a plogging marathon with the aim to "clean" the environment from abandoned rubbish. The well-known agronomist and essayist Roberto Cavallo, together with his coach, will run for seven days across the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, from Montignoso to Rimini, cleaning up any rubbish they come across along the way.

Abandoning waste, especially in the hills and mountains, not only represents environmental damage but also ends up having unexpected impact also on our sea. Non-biodegradable waste, such as plastics, through the waterways, ultimately reaches marine waters, where it relicts for an indefinite time, creating damage in the short and long term, often irreversibly.


The eco-marathon, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition and of which UniCredit is Main Sponsor, will start tomorrow, 23 April, from the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with an activity that will safely involve the local population in cleaning the beach. It will start from the sea, and arrive at the sea, with the final destination being Rimini, on the Adriatic coast, on 29 April. The communities and administrations met along the way will receive a flag as a gift, which is a symbol of the will to take care of their territory and to fight against degradation and the abandonment of small waste in the environment.

Keep Clean and Run 2021 is not a random itinerary as it will retrace some of the territories that represented the so-called Gothic Line during World War II: an evocation of a painful past, in the days of the seventy-sixth anniversary of the Liberation of Italy from Nazi-fascism: but it also wants to represent a message of peace and hope for the new generations.