12 April 2021

Readers of the job search engine, MojPosao, named UniCredit Bank Mostar as The Most Desirable Employer in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the 13th consecutive year in 2020.

2:00 Min

The Bank was awarded the title of the Most Desirable Employer in the financial sector, and positioned itself among the top 10 most desirable employers in the country. Job seekers' priorities have changed during the pandemic, but UniCredit Bank's top ranking has not. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people work in every sector, and in every country. How has that changed the perceptions of people looking for work? What new factors are now involved?  The job search engine,  MojPosao.ba, asked its readers in Bosnia and Herzegovina what they thought.  


The job search portal conducted two surveys, one before and one after the pandemic. The first survey on "The Most Desirable Employer" was carried out in early 2020, and the second survey “Who would you like to work for in 2020" was conducted at the end of the year. The results showed that the crucial factor for choosing an employer before the pandemic was a good attitude towards employees. During the  pandemic,  the most important factor was job security.

UniCredit Bank confirmed its position as a top-ranked workplace during the pandemic year because of the investment it made in keeping its staff safe, said Ornela Bandić, head of Human Resources of UniCredit Bank Mostar

The Most Desirable Employer project was launched in 2007, when the MojPosao.ba portal organised the first survey on companies targeted by job seekers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The survey covers a large number of companies nominated by the respondents each year, from which the top 100 companies that won the largest number of votes are selected. The results of the research provided an insight into the ranking of the 10 most desirable employers in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the overall ranking, and an overview of the most desirable employers in the 15 largest sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina.