08 April 2021

UniCredit is among the supporting sponsors of Italo-German Chamber of Commerce’s (AHK Italie) centenary anniversary celebrations. AHK Italien is an institution that has become a reference point and enabler of the strong relations between Italy and Germany as well as the development of important strategic and commercial interests.


2:00 Min

Since 1921, the mission of the Italiano-German Chamber of Commerce has been to encourage and facilitate dialogue between Italy and Germany in order to accelerate the economic growth of both, and over time it has consolidated its strategic role as a point of reference for all Italian-German relations.


The Chamber has chosen claim chosen to celebrate this anniversary is "Crescere Zusammen" as the motto for the celebrations,  words from both languages reflecting which is based on the meeting of two worlds with solid roots but that look towards the future together.  with a common look to the future.


Our group’s This is a commitment to the event highlights our close cooperation with the Chamber, and reflects the deep roots of proximity and cooperation for our Group, which has deep roots in both countries that is part of in our its DNA, with the aim of consolidating what we have has already been achieved and further strengthening dialogue and mutual institutional, economic and socio-cultural relations. 


The centenary will be marked by the occasion for numerous initiatives and events to celebrate the economic ties relations between Italy and Germany and all the companies that, as - such as Italian branches of German companies or large Italian groups with headquarters in Germany - , that contribute with their activities to stimulate trade between the two countries. 

Here is the the preliminary programme of event categoriess: can be summarised in five categories of appointments aimed at different targets, which are listed below:


INSTITUTIONAL EVENTS: DAppointments dedicated to the discussions representation of common interests with speakers and guests of honour from the world of politics and economics.


COMMUNITY EVENTS: Events aimed at sharing experience and to provide networking opportunities, discussion, mainly of an experiential and networking nature, for aimed at the entire community or specific corporate functions (e.g. CEO, CFO, HR Manager).


REGIONAL EVENTS: These focus on Appointments dedicated to important topics of relevance for the German economy in specific Italian regions with a target mainly aimed at German company branches operating regionally. The regions involved are Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Trentino Alto-Adige, Piedmont and Lazio.


EVENTS ON INNOVATION: These are events that dedicated to the explore ation of recent trends in the world of German-Italian economic relations (e.g. changes in the HR world, sustainability, digitalisation) that will be of interest to the German-Italian community, trendsetters and representatives of the specific sector/topic.


YOUTH EVENTS: These will involve There will be appointments dedicated to the under- 40 business community with young professionals employed by member and non-member companies.

The schedule of events will be defined in detail during the year according to the overall pandemic situation and will be available on the website https://crescerezusammen.it/