22 September 2020

Francesco Giordano, UniCredit's Co-CEO of Western Europe, will speak at a panel on infrastructure, finance and innovation for fair and sustainable development

2:00 Min

UniCredit has partnered with ASvIS for the 2020 Sustainable Development Festival. This is the largest Italian initiative to raise awareness and mobilise citizens, businesses, associations and institutions on economic, social and environmental sustainability in order to achieve cultural and political change that allows Italy to fully implement the UN’s 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Thanks to the participation of leading representatives of institutions and companies in key strategic sectors, the day will be a moment of reflection on how to ensure a restart that can make Italy more sustainable and resilient.


UniCredit is represented by Francesco Giordano, Co-CEO Commercial Banking Western Europe, speaking on Infrastructure, finance and innovation for fair and sustainable development.


The panel will look to explore topics such as the Bank’s prompt response to the Covid-19 emergency and the new sustainable normal.


Financial institutions such as UniCredit have an important role in supporting the real economy in Italy. Given the issues brought on by the coronavirus crisis, the focus has been on protecting the health of customers and employees as well as providing immediate support to the local economies. Now more than ever, UniCredit is “part of the solution” and will continue to support businesses across the country and help the communities in which it operates, including through donations.


The live broadcast, available through this link, will start this afternoon at 4.15pm CET