18 September 2020

How key lessons from the crisis have guided the Business Acceleration plan

2:00 min

At the latest Leadership Team Meeting, UniCredit’s top 500 managers took stock of the status quo and reflected on how our Group can leverage our Western Europe (WEU) Business Acceleration plan to capture the opportunities that have emerged during the COVID-19 crisis.


During the pandemic, UniCredit was quick to adapt to meet customers’ new and changing needs at the same time as carrying out many of its operations remotely. Our ability to do this successfully is both thanks to our capacity to react fast and our responsiveness to changes. Now, we will further improve our ways of doing business by applying the key lessons learnt during the most critical moments of the pandemic.


Firstly, we have seen that our customers increasingly make use of digital and remote channels which, together with the branches, will be part of our fully integrated multi-channel approach. Strong customer relationships remain our top focus: we are all committed to ensuring that our clients are always satisfied.


Secondly, with the sense of urgency brought by the emergency, UniCredit showed that it was able to rapidly execute operations that previously could have taken several months. We will maintain this faster pace for change.


Consequently, the Business Acceleration plan ensures a quicker transition towards a multi-channel approach, supporting our customers for their banking needs wherever they are, whenever they want. In particular, we will promote the Mobile Banking App, expand the call center capacity, and scale up our remote advisory services to guarantee a fully digital and remote offering.


Everyone at UniCredit is part of the Business Acceleration and each of us can play their part in our digital transition, making sure we remain a pan-European winner. Together, we will always…Do the Right Thing!