04 September 2020

In our latest update, we confirm the maximum occupancy of UniCredit's larger buildings will stay at current levels. As always, our approach is based on data, not dates

2:00 min

As colleagues gradually return from the summer break, we’re providing an update on how we are dealing with the evolving Covid-19 situation to ensure the continued health and safety of our colleagues and customers.


Our approach has always been based on data, not dates, so we have decided to maintain the maximum occupancy of our larger buildings at current levels. We will continue to monitor the situation and to adjust capacity levels according to the overall number of reported cases across Europe, also taking into account the potential impact of schools reopening.


We will provide another update in October but, as previously communicated, we will not exceed 50 per cent of maximum occupancy before the end of 2020.


To make our return to offices as smooth as possible, managers will arrange team members’ rotations and ensure that the occupancy limits are respected at all times. Please remember that ‘trading’ days in between rotating teams is not permitted and that changes to work schedules need to be confirmed at least a month in advance.


Colleagues returning from an “at-risk country” must work from home for 14 days and follow Group’s and local health authorities’ instructions as well as our travel restrictions guidelines.


We will continue to take into account specific family- and Covid-related circumstances, allowing some team members to continue to work from home on a temporary basis. We also ask everyone to follow our Golden Rules at all times so we all stay healthy and safe.


Thank you again for your extraordinary efforts in these unprecedented times.


Stay safe, stay healthy, and let’s continue to… Do the Right Thing!