28 October 2020

As you all know, we take prudent decisions based on data. The recent increase in Covid-19 cases across all our geographies calls for an even more careful approach in our daily professional activity

2:00 min

We strongly recommend that everyone working in our larger buildings, both team members and their managers, who are able to work remotely should consider this as the best option. We have already proven that we can successfully accomplish our tasks even when we are not in the same room and we will continue to do so.

To protect our colleagues in the network, physical customer meetings will be by appointment only and we will guarantee the availability of all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment.

As always, we will continue to invest in your safety by offering flexible solutions that support our new ways of working. Please remember that your managers are here to discuss these with you and provide options when needed.

Finally, you can find here all the updated information about our health and safety measures at One UniCredit. This website is accessible to everyone and from any device. Check in daily for current news and to keep yourselves informed.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and remember to always… Do the Right Thing!