20 October 2020

With nearly 25,000 people located in 10 countries, CEE is one of UniCredit’s most diverse teams and continues to be one of the key drivers of our success. Our differences help us work as One Team, One UniCredit

2:00 Min

Across CEE countries, dozens of workshops, webinars, and podcasts were organised to focus on Diversity and Inclusion topics such as unconscious bias, gender balance, disability, working abroad, as well as working and living in the “new normal”. Workshops particularly focused on training on how to manage stress, maintaining work-life balance, and embracing diversity in teams. The sessions set a great the example of a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Some highlights from our colleagues in CEE and how they contributed:

Tsvetanka Mintcheva, Deputy CEO, UniCredit Bank Romania, shared her experience working in a corporate environment, outlining how everyone should challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zone and overcome their fears.

Anca Ungureanu, I&C Director, UniCredit Bank Romania, introduced her colleagues from the communications department, emphasising her team’s diversity and unity.

Some quotes from our people:

Toni Biokšić, Diversity manager (UniCredit Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina): “Events such as Diversity and Inclusion Week are an excellent opportunity to discover different points of view, understand each other, and create a positive work environment to strengthen relationships and cooperation. It enables us to see things differently so that we have more opportunities to find the right solutions.”

Darija Mikulandra (Branch Šibenik Croatia): “My recommendation to all colleagues is that if the need arises in your personal circumstances, you should consider the possibility of part-time work, which Zaba fully supports. My experience is positive and you shouldn’t be afraid that your team or manager will not understand because Zaba really lives the values of Diversity & Inclusion.”

Juraj Jumić, Lead specialist for design and development of applicative solutions (Zagrebačka Banka, Croatia): “Based on the experience of working from home during the first few weeks after the birth of my daughter, I fully support the Diversity & Inclusion values we uphold. Apart from support whilst working from home, the Program for Mums and Dads is available to all employees who are parents or are about to become one. We received support in the workplace as part of a professional development journey and other opportunities for lifelong learning. As a quality employer, the Bank continues to promote Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.”

Jakub Dusílek, CEO of UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia: watch on YouTube.

Marco Iannaccone, GM of UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia: watch on YouTube.

Hana Čitbajová, Head of HR of UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia: watch on YouTube.

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