15 October 2020

On Monday, UniCredit in London kick-started D&I Week with a thought-provoking workshop focusing on LGBT+ topics

2:00 Min

More than 50 colleagues joined the “LGBT Allyship – An inclusive journey” online workshop run by Stonewall, the leading LGBT rights charity in the UK.


During a ninety-minute session, participants explored various aspects of LGBT life, starting from the terminology used to understand identities, practical steps to be more inclusive and the impact this can have on organisations in aspects such as talent attraction, retention and increasing employee satisfaction, to name a few.


Participants were asked to reflect on what they can do right away or next month to close the gap in LGBT inclusion and where they want their workplace or department to be a year from today.


The workshop concluded with a call for action for all of us is to become an ‘ally’. Being an ally means acting as a role model by actively doing the right things and challenging the status quo. An ally doesn’t avoid talking about LGBT inclusion, uses an inclusive language and asks appropriate questions!


Diversity is to be prized. Allowing individuals to turn up to work simply as themselves will unleash productivity. Very insightful workshop.”

Mustafa Abbas


A fantastic way to kick-off D&I week! Insightful and educational, the LGTB Allyship event, equipped us with the language, knowledge and awareness to actively create a more inclusive working environment for ALL of our colleagues

Sophie Sanadi


Fascinating, Educational, Incredibly Helpful; these are amongst the adjectives used to describe our kick-off event for the Diversity & inclusion week 2020. Starting from the basics with LGBTQ+ terminology to then moving towards gender identity and inclusion, we maintained a very active participation amongst our 50+ participants who were able to take away empowering tools to create a more inclusive and informed workplace.”

Mattia Libera