13 October 2020

In line with our Ethics & Respect manifesto, it's important to UniCredit to create a culture of inclusion by removing barriers and prejudices

2:00 Min

We all have both ‘conscious’ and ‘unconscious’ biases. The unconscious bias can become an obstacle to inclusion, performance, engagement and even innovation. It is an assumption that is made before an event or a behaviour which can influence our perception and actions. Sometimes we fail to recognise the power that biases have on us and that’s why it is so important to better understand how they work.


The ‘Unconscious Bias’ is a 30-minute e-learning course for our employees (live from the 15th of October in My Tools > MyLearning), which allows them to better understand the effects of different biases and learn how to mitigate their effects.


Being aware of unconscious biases and the power of ‘diversity of thoughts’ and perspectives can stimulate behavioural change and develop innovative thinking, improve decision-making through listening and understanding all points of view.


‘Let’s take action on Diversity & Inclusion’ and start to recognise and manage your biases!