19 November 2020

UniCredit Foundation launches €360,000 initiative to support children across the bank’s countries

2:00 Min

UniCredit Foundation has launched Call for Europe 2020, an initiative to support projects which helps children in the European countries where the Group is present. The initiative further aims to enhances awareness of children’s needs and to support local communities.

A total contribution of €360,000 will be allocated to Call for Europe 2020 and split among UniCredit’s local banks, providing each bank with an amount of €30,000 to be distributed to local projects.

Each participating bank submits five short-listed projects, of which the UniCredit Foundation will select three per country to receive funding. The selection process will be run by a specific Evaluation Committee.

Call for Europe was first launched by UniCredit in 2019. Since then, 44 different projects in 12 countries have benefitted from €500,000 of funding. Successful Call for Europe 2019 projects include a rehabilitation centre for physically disabled people in Germany and a foundation that provides life-changing experiences for chronically ill children and their families in Hungary.

This is another initiative which shows we continue to Do the Right Thing!