25 May 2020

UniCredit has joined the Valuable 500 – a global movement focused on putting disability themes on the business leadership agenda. UniCredit’s commitment was signed at Group level by CEO Jean Pierre Mustier

2:00 min

UniCredit has been investing in disability management for more than ten years, including specific training for managers, internal engagement initiatives, partnerships with relevant external organisations and dedicated corporate policies in line with the Joint Declaration on “Equal Opportunities and Non-Discrimination” signed in 2009.


In addition, UniCredit appointed a Diversity and Inclusion Manager for the Group in 2018, has set up a Group level Diversity and Inclusion Committee that includes the CEO and has dedicated Disability Managers in place in both Italy and Austria.


The Bank is currently strongly focused on developing its digital accessibility for both colleagues and customers as a central part of the commitment to become increasingly inclusive and diverse with the disability topic firmly on the business agenda. This includes a fully accessible intranet platform as well as ensuring that all banking services are available through remote channels.


Jean Pierre Mustier UniCredit CEO commented: “Diversity and inclusion are key for companies, bringing a better working environment and supporting risk mitigation and management. Now more than ever, during a very difficult time for so many, we must stand together and respect all our differences. Joining the Valuable 500 once again demonstrates our strong commitment to diversity and inclusion as well as building on our ongoing efforts that include dedicated policies, trainings, key external partnerships and internal engagement initiatives on disability management.”