05 May 2020

UniCredit CEO Jean Pierre Mustier has requested the distribution to made to the “Sempre con voi” healthcare workers fund from his €2.7 million donation to the UniCredit Foundation

2:00 min

“Sempre con voi” was set up by the Della Valle family – the owners of the Tod’s group – in April 2020. The fund will support the families of doctors and nurses who lost their lives while fighting on the front line against Covid-19.


The Della Valle family started “Sempre con voi” with a donation of €5 million, made “also on behalf of [Tod’s] employees.” The fund will be administered by the Italian Department of Civil Protection (DPC), the main Italian government organisation that handles prediction, prevention and management of national emergencies.


The €500,000 donation to “Sempre con voi” – which means “Always with you” – was made by the UniCredit Foundation further to the wishes of Jean Pierre Mustier, who donated €2.7 million to the Foundation in April.


This is just one of many UniCredit Foundation initiatives to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. In March, the Foundation donated €2 million to DPC for the purchase of masks and medical equipment.


Donations to “Sempre con voi” can be made to the following current account, opened by Protezione Civile: IBAN IT66 J030 6905 0201 0000 0066 432