21 May 2020

The funding will be used to provide much-needed food and hygiene packages to people most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Including recent donations in Italy and Croatia, UniCredit and its employees have now donated more than €550,000 to the Red Cross

2:00 min

In just a few days, personal donations from employees of UniCredit Bank Banja Luka raised 15,000 KM (€8,000) to support the Red Cross of The Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. An additional 20,000 KM (€10,000) was donated by the UniCredit Foundation.


The funds will be used by the Red Cross to deliver food and hygiene packages to those who are most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Last month, UniCredit donated €360,000 to the Red Cross in Italy for the purchase of masks and medical devices and €180,000 in Croatia to pay for food packages for vulnerable people. In a personal letter of thanks, the President of the Italian Red Cross praised the actions of UniCredit and its employees for helping during a “moment of crisis.”