28 May 2020

We received more than 18,000 responses to three recent group staff surveys about how we are managing the effects of Covid-19 and shaping our new ways of working, both remotely and back into our buildings. Here’s a snapshot of the main takeaways

2:00 Min

Managing for Covid-19 has been an unprecedented challenge but thanks to the hard work of our colleagues we’ve continued to serve customers in all of our countries.

Three recent surveys asked for colleague feedback and opinions on how we are dealing with the current situation, how we responded to date in terms of both actions and communication, and how we can best face “Phase 2” together, both in terms of working from home and coming back to our buildings. We were delighted to receive over 18,000 inputs through the surveys, including hundreds of ideas and suggestions to help us to continue to always… Do the Right Thing!

Overall, 8 out of 10 colleagues were satisfied with our new ways of working, particularly how we encouraged and enhanced remote working for all our non-critical functions and quickly put in place preventive measures. Around 90 per cent of colleagues clearly understand how to behave and said they could easily access the information they needed.

Around 2 out of 3 colleagues stressed the importance of our IT infrastructure and equipment in staying close to our customers and fulfilling their requests. More than 80 per cent of respondents said that greater remote working flexibility, in terms of both location and timing, could enhance productivity and wellbeing. Over half said increasing meeting effectiveness could significantly contribute to overall efficiency.

Work-life balance remains important, especially given the extensive remote working and continued closure of schools. We received many suggestions from colleagues on how to adjust our working routines to accommodate family needs.

Having the right information is vital to keep us working as One Team. Over 9 out of 10 colleagues appreciated the efforts made to provide regular updates and clear messages about our new ways of working.

We are already developing our new ways of working in line with the feedback received from these surveys. Thank you to everyone who contributed.