19 May 2020

Whether we’re supporting our employees, our clients or the communities in which we live and work, we always Do the Right Thing! Here’s how we’re making a difference


2:00 min

1 Protecting people

When Covid-19 outbreak started, UniCredit took fast and decisive actions to protect the health and safety of our employees and customers. So far, we’ve distributed more than 17 million items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  and installed around 25,000 protective Plexiglas screens  in branches.

2 Boosting operational resilience

In just two weeks in March we cut our presence in large buildings to just 10 per cent. This meant that over 50,000 office-based employees needed to quickly adjust to working remotely.

Thanks to the hard work of our IT teams, 8,000 new laptops were distributed and the number of VPN users rapidly scaled to 60,000 – more than 15 times pre-crisis levels. Now that’s operational resilience!

3 Working as One Team

Almost 11,000 employees responded to our Millennial Board and Family Board surveys, submitting thousands of ideas and suggestions to help us develop new ways of working.

And we’ve shared our stories too: with 150,000 visits to One UniCredit to read or watch more than 300 articles and videos featuring hundreds of UniCredit colleagues.

4 Standing shoulder to shoulder with our clients

Across our markets we’ve disbursed €2 billion to SMEs that have applied for state-guaranteed loans.

UniCredit CIB has continued to support large clients, helping institutions in Italy, Germany and Austria raise €36 billion in new funding.

5 Supporting our employees and investing in future talent

Across many industries, the challenges of the current climate mean that job security has become a major concern, especially for the younger generation.

We believe that those starting their career at UniCredit today can have a major role in shaping our future – so we’ve converted 900 apprentices into full-time employees.

We’ve also provided paid leave to employees who were able to work either remotely or from a branch or office.

6 Donations to support the frontline fight

UniCredit and the UniCredit Foundation have been central to delivering much needed funding to many organisations fighting the virus on the frontline. We have donated millions of euros to fund local hospitals, purchase PPE for medical staff and provide support for care workers who are doing everything they can to keep us safe. Donations have also been advanced from funds raised through UniCredit Flexia Classic Etica card.

Our donations include:

  • €1.5 million to Italian hospitals and €238,000 to hospitals in the CEE.
  • €860,000 from Carta Etica funds
  • €250,000 to fund the first CURA prototype – built in Milan and now deployed to a hospital in Turin
  • €2 million to the Civil Protection Department in Italy and €100,000 to public national health in CEE
  • €200,000 to Policlinico in Milan
  • €542,000 to the Red Cross in our markets
  • €200,000 to Caritas, SOS-Kinderdorf, Diakonie and Evangelisches Hilfswerk in Austria
  • €115,000 to the online tutoring platform “Easy tutor” in Germany
  • €500,000 to “Sempre con voi” in Italy
  • €120,000 to the Zi de Bine Association in Romania