05 June 2020

Today it’s World Environment Day (WED). With everything that's been going on in the past months, we have been reminded how closely our wellbeing is connected to the health of the planet

2:00 min

Today, we celebrate the World Environment Day (WED),  an annual event to raise awareness about the need to protect our planet. To ensure its future we must all act collectively, rethinking our relationship with natural ecosystems and the living world.

UniCredit is committed to sustainability and environmental and green values are part of our Ethics and Respect principles. As a Group, we strive to embrace them in everything we do: from making our buildings more energy-efficient to leveraging remote working to reduce our CO2 emissions and mitigate side-effects of commuting , to partnering with our customers in the shift to a low carbon economy, and supporting projects with a positive social impact.

Together, there is much more we can achieve, and our upcoming awareness campaign on Environmental Sustainability is a call for all of us to do our part. The initiative was created with the help of our Millennial Board, and Inna Halif – a member of the Millennial Board – tells us more about the rationale behind it: “Environmental sustainability plays a key role in building our future in a rapidly evolving society. Our aim is to spread knowledge about the environmental topics connected to our industry. With this awareness campaign, we want to highlight simple and small actions which lead to great results when we all put them in place.”

If you want to learn more about sustainability, do not miss the new format we launched on One UniCredit and learn some “Eco tips” to make the difference even in your daily life.