17 June 2020

We always said we would base our return on data not dates. As that data improves, UniCredit will welcome back more team members to offices as of Monday 22nd June

2:00 min

The past months have been difficult and we are all looking forward to returning to a certain degree of normality and rekindling our social relationships.

As individuals, we are starting to ease our personal lockdown and, as an organisation, we are planning our return to the office. No, not everyone at the same time, but gradually and by rotation. This will allow all of us to regain a sense of normality albeit in a “new normal”; it will also help us to reconnect with colleagues after months of remote working and to set priorities for the weeks to come, before our holiday break. Our frontline heroes, those working in branches, have quasi all returned to their usual workplaces. Now it is the turn of those of us working in the Group’s office buildings.

As of 22nd June we will progressively increase the occupancy of our main offices. Rest assured that, as ALWAYS, the health and safety of colleagues and customers remains our utmost priority.

Clearly, we have carefully evaluated this decision and it is based on the improved Covid-19 data seen across all our countries. In the same spirit, we will continuously monitor any changes in Covid-19 data and keep being responsive and ready to proactively adjust our “Back to the Office” initiative.

Returning to the offices, we will work in weekly shifts organised according to the revised buildings capacity and making sure that colleagues belonging to the same team can be in the office during the same week. It is important that the same people consistently come in the same week and that we avoid mixing different groups at this time. The weekly rotation principle will give us the flexibility to take quick action, should local health and safety situations deteriorate. Occupancy in each building will depend both on local regulations and UniCredit’s own safety assessment.

When in the office, please remember that you must always respect our updated Golden Rules on Health & Safety. These provide details about how to behave to protect yourself and others. Please feel free to contact our HR colleagues if you need any additional clarifications.

Everyone at UniCredit has been doing an extraordinary work, ensuring business continuity and continuing to support our customers and communities.

Together, we will always… Do the right thing!