08 June 2020

As we continue to monitor the evolving situation and follow our 10 golden rules to protect colleagues and customers, we have made some changes to our protocol mainly regarding how and when to wear masks, meeting rules, and reopening our buildings

2:00 min

Thanks to your extraordinary efforts as well as all the pro-active measures taken early on, we have successfully managed the emergency of the past months. Our colleagues and customers’ health and safety were and remain our top priorities and our decisions are based on data, not dates. As the situation evolves, we have made some changes to our protocol mainly regarding the use of masks, meeting rules, and reopening of our buildings.


First, the use of masks remains mandatory in all UniCredit’s venues, except for employees working and sitting alone in their offices.


Second, business meetings are now allowed on site, exclusively in pre-defined business rooms, according to the capacity shown outside them and preferably only among colleagues. Participants should always keep the distance required by local regulations between each other. Moreover, cleaning frequency has been increased and sanitising products have been made available in the meeting rooms: everybody is invited to use them before and after the gatherings.


Third, the return of employees in our buildings will be gradually increased. Maximum occupancy for main buildings will be re-assessed, always keeping in mind both sensitivity of activities performed, as well as employees’ personal needs. Meanwhile, we continue to monitor the level of daily occupancy, respecting the agreed caps at such levels and rotating employees belonging to the same Division and Department. For employees in large buildings, smart working remains the preferred way of working.


To learn more about our Golden Rules on Health & Safety, please have a look at this explanatory video or read more here.


In addition, we have updated our travel restrictions. From the 15th of June, although the travel ban from/to and within US, Brazil and Russia will remain in place. Essential Business Travel for all other destinations will be permitted. Essential Business Travel always has to be approved by your manager. Additionally, please continue to make sure to comply with local travel regulations.


At UniCredit, we will always maintain the highest safety standards to protect colleagues and customers’ health. Your safety will continue to be our top priority: we will not compromise on this.


Stay healthy, stay safe. Together, we will always… Do the right thing!