16 July 2020

As part of UniCredit's Art4Future project, the bank supports young artists together with MAMbo, the Municipality of Bologna and the Bologna Museums Institution

2:00 min

MAMbo – Museum of Modern Art in Bologna officially opened Nuovo Forno del Pane, a new section of its Sala delle Ciminiere, which hosts an area dedicated to 12 young artists and their work. Nuovo Forno di Pane was presented on 14th July as part of the launch of a project to refresh the identity of the museum, opening its spaces to more of Bologna’s creative community.

UniCredit is the main partner of the project, contributing in different ways including direct support to the artists. For example, each one of the selected artists will receive €2,000 from the bank to help them produce their art.

The partnership with MAMbo is part of the UniCredit’s project Art4Future which is particularly aimed at supporting young contemporary artists through specific initiatives. “We are excited and proud to support this initiative,” said Maurizio Beretta, Head of Group Institutional Affairs & Sustainability of UniCredit. “By contributing to the creation of Il Nuovo Forno del Pane, we are actively taking part in driving the support for the arts after the Covid-19 emergency. This again confirms UniCredit’s commitment to supporting culture, in its various forms, and in particular young artists who can express their talent wherever they are based.”