06 July 2020

Project “Terrashift” beats 850 entries to win the #beapirate Challenge, sponsored by UniCredit Bank Austria

2:00 min

On Wednesday 1 July 2020, the seven best-rated teams out of 850 participants from 30 countries presented their ideas and concepts to an international jury in an online pitch event as part of the #beapirate Challenge and project “Terrashift” from Great Britain won with an innovative concept to make agriculture in developing countries more sustainable.

Terrashift wants to develop a low-cost, environmentally-friendly and mechanical solution to fight agricultural poverty by providing farmers with a more efficient method of tending to their crops.

As victory prize, the “Terrashift”-Team, consisting of Lara D’Amico, Sophie Orgler, Diora Juraboeva and Charlotte Chang will get to meet established companies, successful start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, as well as institutions such as Stanford University and Singularity University.

As a special highlight for all finalists, it was revealed that their concepts are taken into space with the “Blue Origin Space Craft” spaceship by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.