23 July 2020

Our CEO joined Euromoney’s Europe Editor Dominic O’Neill for an exclusive live interview to discuss banking during the pandemic and its aftermath, the outlook for the Eurozone and the responses of national governments, the EU and the ECB. They also looked at the future of European banking

2:00 min

The future direction of the Eurozone financial sector is, arguably, more important than ever. Coming out of the Covid-19 crisis, banks are playing an integral as #PartOfTheSolution, providing the financial muscle necessary to get Europe’s economy moving again.


Jean Pierre Mustier, also in his capacity as President of the European Banking Federation, commented on various topics including on the recent decision by the EU on the rescue package to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and building a more resilient economy as well as on the overall regulatory framework.


In his online Euromoney interview, which took place on 22nd July, Jean Pierre said: “It is a massively positive deal and it will enable Europe to take on the challenges in the coming years. What is good for Europe is also good for its banks. The financial sector has an important role, by facilitating public and private investment to secure jobs and help the most affected sectors and regions and protect European citizens. We are willing and ready to play our part.”


“To ensure a level playing field between banks and non-banks regulatory, supervisory oversight needs to be levelled up. It is not only important for the stability of the entire system but also for consumer and investors protection. We need a strong European banking sector. It is essential for banks to remain competitive in an innovative and resilient ecosystem, also given their essential role of lenders to the economy.”


Find out more by watching the interview here.