16 July 2020

The days are getting longer and the breeze is warmer meaning one thing - summer is officially here! Whether you’re planning on going away or simply relaxing at home enjoying the beautiful sunshine, it’s key to be conscious of your actions and take small steps to be more sustainable. Try these five top tips for a greener summer

2:00 min

1 Protect your skin - and the environment!

When picking a sunscreen, try to avoid ones that contain chemicals such as oxybenzone and look for mineral-based products, which are kinder to the environment and less harmful to sea life. Remember to apply it frequently to block out harmful UV rays.

2 Keep your home cool

If you need to air-condition your home, choose a unit that is energy-efficient and an appropriate size for your space. Close your blinds during the day, especially on south-facing windows, to keep your home cooler. At times you need to use the air conditioning, don’t set it to freeze your house! Around 25 degrees celsius is generally a good middle ground between comfortable and energy-efficient.


3 Take a staycation

Travelling to faraway destinations right now might not be the safest option. If you decide to unwind closer to home, take time to learn about your local community and do the things you’ve always wanted to do but never been able to or had time to. Maybe try camping or visiting a local beauty spot! Always remember to clean up after yourself when you leave – “take only photographs, leave only footprints.”

4 Hydrate – plastic free

It’s important to keep hydrated during the hot summer months. However, single use plastics are very harmful to the environment. Use a reusable water bottle instead. While you’re at it, use reusable containers/utensils for picnics and barbecues!

5 Green grilling

Who doesn’t love a good summer BBQ? Propane burns much cleaner than either wood or charcoal briquettes. Try grilling vegetables instead of meat, to stay sustainable and lower greenhouse emissions. Tons of delicious vegetables are in season during the summer – give them a try! When you’re done grilling, use natural cleaning products.

By rethinking how we have fun in the summer, we can all contribute to a better and cleaner world!