14 July 2020

More of us will return to UniCredit offices in September, so we’ve developed preliminary guidelines so you know what to expect

2:00 min

Some of us have already begun to safely return to our workplaces in recent weeks. As we prepare for the next steps in our ’Back to the Office’ initiative, we have developed preliminary guidelines for what will happen in September. More details and specific instructions will follow over the coming weeks. These will be aligned with local factors, including the reopening of schools and access to public transport.


As always, our colleagues’ and clients’ health and safety remain our top priorities. We will continue to make decisions based on data, not dates, maintaining our conservative and gradual approach.


In September, provided overall health conditions allow it, we will begin to increase occupancy levels in our larger buildings. The standard maximum capacity will be capped at 50 per cent but we will adjust this based on data available at that the time. If necessary, we will respond quickly and put in place stricter measures on a country-by-country and region-by-region basis.


We expect the 50 per cent maximum occupancy level in our larger buildings will not change before the end of 2020. This means many of us will continue to work remotely for at least half of our time.


We will continue to strive to offer flexible solutions based on specific needs, and managers will liaise with team members to review and discuss the available options.


THANK YOU again for everything you have done and are doing. Our success and strength are all thanks to us working together as One Bank, One UniCredit.


Stay healthy and safe. And remember to always…Do the Right Thing!